Our experienced and highly committed, motivated and enthusiastic staff are available to answer any questions. Please email or telephone our sites if you require any information.

Main School 01200 423379
Sixth Form 01200 423118

Clitheroe Royal Grammar School is an exciting place to work. If you wish to join our team please go to our vacancies section and click on a job title for further details and an application form.

The school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. Successful applicants will be subject to Disclosure and Barring Service checks.

Senior Leadership Team

Mr J M Keulemans Headteacher
Mr J L Powell Deputy Headteacher
Mrs C S Reeves Deputy Headteacher
Mrs K L Johnston Assistant Headteacher
Miss J Renold Assistant Headteacher
Mr J O Alcock Associate Assistant Headteacher
Dr A M Ellis Co-opted
Ms L C Higginbottom Bursar

Teaching Staff

Art, Design and Technology

Mr M H Matthews – Head of Learning
Mrs K J Buchanan
Miss N Butterworth
Mrs L Smith
Mrs M E Starkie


Dr A M Ellis – Head of Learning
Mrs J Carson
Dr N Clarke
Miss A L Hacking
Miss G E Marsden
Miss K Robson
Mr P T Smith


Mrs J A Payne – Head of Learning
Mrs L J Wilkinson


Miss S L Speirs – Head of Learning
Dr G L Brown
Miss S Flook
Mrs N S Nicholas


Mrs C E Compton – Head of Learning


Mrs E J Gardiner – Head of Learning
Mrs D A Doggart
Mrs C V Fish
Mr D J Joseph
Mrs J L Mangan
Miss M N Quraishi – Trainee
Mrs F M Salt
Mr M P Seddon
Ms H G Southwell
Mrs J Woollam


Ms L Rodgers – Head of Learning
Mrs A Banks
Mrs S Raine


Mr R Gadd – Head of Learning
Mrs L Hunter
Mr J L Powell


Mrs L C Watts – Head of Learning
Mrs L M Pratt
Miss J J Telford


Mr C T Seed – Head of Learning
Mrs M J Blane
Mrs K L Johnston
Mrs N Lone

ICT / Computing

Mr M D Latty – Head of Learning
Mrs H J Clarkson

Latin / Classics

Mr D Westworth – Head of Learning


Mrs S Mann – Head of Learning
Mrs M L Burrill
Mr W C Capstick
Mr A K Carson
Ms A Curry
Mrs N T Entwistle
Mr P Holliday
Mr D N Holloway
Miss C R Martin
Mr R C Wallace


Mr B J Wheeler – Head of Learning

Visiting Music Teachers
Mr G Banks
Mr M Haworth
Miss J Hunter
Mrs J Ismail
Ms R Okpoti
Mrs J Pembleton-Smyth
Mr R Rigby
Ms E Wilson

PE / Games

Mr J O Alcock – Head of Learning
Mr R J Edmondson
Mr A D Hutchinson
Miss R L Sutcliffe
Mrs S J Winstanley


Mr S Mumford – Head of Learning
Miss H E Ashton
Mr P R Council
Ms J Renold


Mr J J Wootton – Head of Learning
Mr S D Draper


Mrs R Blow – Head of Learning
Miss C Fox
Mrs S Gillespie
Mrs C A Hoyle

Religious Studies

Mr A F Priory – Head of Learning
Mr M Corrick
Mrs C S Reeves
Miss Z Sefton



Mr S Gregory – Head of Learning
Mr A Blunt


Miss J W Bennett
Miss C A Wharam

Theatre Studies and Drama

Ms D P Elliot – Head of Learning

Pastoral Support

Heads of Year – Main School

Mr A K Carson – Head of Year 7
Miss R L Sutcliffe – Head of Year 8
Mr A D Hutchinson – Head of Year 9
Mrs L Hunter – Head of Year 10
Mr J J Wootton – Head of Year 11

Mrs R E Crow – Student Support Manager

Senior Tutors – Sixth Form

Miss H E Ashton
Mr S D Draper
Mr R J Edmondson
Mr S Gregory
Mr D J Joseph
Mr P T Smith

Support Staff


Miss J Cairns – Examinations Officer
Mrs C L Davies – Secretary Sixth Form
Mrs M J Dickinson – Careers and Educational Visits Co-ordinator
Ms L C Higginbottom – Bursar
Mrs V Howard – Careers Clerical Assistant
Mrs K Kinney – Secretary Main School
Mrs C Monist-Goode – Examinations Administrator
Mrs A J Moore – Assessment and Data Manager
Mrs J Rees – Secretary Sixth Form
Mrs J Roberts – Secretary and Sixth Form Student Support Manager
Mrs J Simpson – Administrative Assistant
Mrs J M Smith – Secretary and Receptionist Main School
Mrs S Stevens – Personnel Assistant
Mrs S M Swanney – Finance Assistant
Mrs R Thompson – Secretary and Sixth Form Student Support Manager
Miss T Thompson – Secretary and Receptionist Main School
Mrs C E West – Finance Manager
Ms M J Woods – Headteacher’s PA

IT Technical Support

Mr D P Vernon – Network Manager
Mr J Hill – Deputy Network Manager

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator

Mrs R E Smith

Reprographics Technician

Mrs J Smith

Art Classroom Assistant

Mrs C M Dakin

Laboratory Technicians

Mrs J Holden
Mrs J L Opit
Mr M Stuttard

Librarian Sixth Form

Miss K Pulman

Library Supervisor Main School

Mrs C Harkness

Special Support Assistants

Mrs J Fielding
Mrs S Mackenzie

Cover Supervisor

Ms K Garner


Mr T Dean – Estates Manager
Mr C Kett – Site Supervisor
Mr J Robbins – Site Supervisor

Cleaning Staff

York Street

Miss S Hughes
Mrs C Hulme
Mr M Isherwood
Mr P Lancaster
Mr P Metcalfe
Mr S Muddiman
Mr R Rowland
Ms L Sargeant

Chatburn Road

Mr R Fahrner
Mr P Hoyle
Mr E Penman
Mrs Y Pinder
Mr P Taylor
Mr D Whittaker

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs C Billups
Miss J Brown
Miss C Hargreaves
Miss S Jilani
Mrs K Swarbrick

Foreign Language Assistants

Miss R M Fijalkowski
Mrs P Holloway
Dr F Ritchie