We appreciate your support in ensuring students attend school regularly. If your son or daughter is unwell parents should inform the Sixth Form / Main School on the first day of unexpected absence, such as illness.

This can be done by telephone (an answering machine is available before 8.30am) or via email.

Main School: 01200 423379 or
Sixth Form: 01200 423118 or

Nationally there is a strong link between attendance and achievement. Recent analysis of GCSE and A Level results for Clitheroe Royal Grammar School shows that students who have attendance of 97% or more achieve higher grades in examinations compared with students whose attendance is 90%. At GCSE Level this is equivalent to nearly a full GCSE grade more in every subject for which the student is entered.

We understand that every student may, at some point, miss occasional days at school for unavoidable reasons. Within our results data, 1 or 2 days of occasional illness don’t have any negative impact on achievement. With your support, students are quickly able to catch up the missed work at home. Longer term absence is much harder for students to catch up from and they will find they miss chunks of learning that are not revisited.

In September 2015 the Department for Education changed the threshold for persistent absence to 90%.

We are therefore required to work with external services to support improving attendance for persistent absentees. 90% attendance is the equivalent of one day’s absence per fortnight, or six days per term.