Student Bungee Jumps for Macmillan Cancer Support

On 6th February, Year 13 student Lauren Bate travelled to Tatton Park in Cheshire to take part in a sponsored 300ft bungee jump over the vast picturesque lake to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Accompanied by four close friends, Lauren conquered her fear of heights and raised over £200 for the charity. Here is her account of her hair-raising experience:

“Being scared of heights, I was really nervous in the crane taking me up to the 300ft high platform, but once you’re up there you understand there is only one way down, and you have only one chance to leap as far as you can! You become motionless, but it’s an amazing feeling. You can’t move your arms, or even blink because you’re in such awe, and you can’t think of anything other than, “Oh my word, what am I doing?”

“There truly is no feeling like it. It was incredible! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I managed to raise a lot of money for a charity that is not only close to my heart, but to my family’s heart too”.

We are very proud of Lauren’s achievement. Well done!

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