Year 8 Mosel Trip 13th–16th July 2015

In July, 40 Year 8 students took part in the 2015 trip to the German region of Mosel which was absolutely amazing!  As we were boarding the plane, I had no idea how fantastic it was going to be.

It began with a river cruise along the Mosel.  The sights were wonderful!  Next was the super trip to Trier, a city which provided endless possibilities for things to do and buy!  After that was the extraordinary swimming trip.  There was an indoor and outdoor pool and it was so unexpected when the fountain turned on!  We ended the day with a challenging yet fun quiz.

Waking up early the next morning, we travelled by coach to the fascinating medieval castle, Burg Eltz.  All of the history was intriguing!  Our next destination was Cochem, where we had fun eating and buying our souvenirs.  A trip to the Eiscafe was the perfect ending to the day.

Our trip ended with the brilliant visit to Phantasialand!  The rides were amazing, particularly Colorado Adventure and I will never forget when our plane was delayed and we arrived back at school at 3:30am!

I had an excellent trip to the Mosel.  It was probably the best trip ever!  There were some unforgettable moments and my memories of it will never fade.

Declan Boyd
Year 8

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