Year 10 Textiles Trip to London

On Monday, 22nd June, 16 Year 10 GCSE Textiles students visited London to undertake research for their final Year 11 piece.

Covent Garden was the first place that we went to where we compared the types of shops, from high street to one-off boutiques. We then visited the Victoria and Albert Museum where we looked through the fashion section to compare the types of styles from different time periods. This gave us an understanding of how fashion has developed and how current styles have taken inspiration from earlier time periods.  We also looked around the culture sections and the costume theatre section before going to the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition, which was absolutely amazing and gave us all ideas and inspiration for our pieces. I had never really looked closely at Alexander McQueen’s work before the trip, but I now realise how amazing and unique his work is. The costumes, accessories and presentations were done in such precise and intriguing ways.  The exhibition was something I loved and that I would recommend to anyone.

The trip to London was very beneficial to us in terms of inspiration and research and a great opportunity to take photographs for coursework and to gather ideas.  It was a very good day out as well as a fun trip with friends.

Elizabeth Venn-Mills
Year 11

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