Year 10 and Year 12 Astronomy Masterclass 2023

A group of our Year 10 and Year 12 students recently attended an Astronomy Masterclass.

Darcy in Year 10 shares her experience of the event below.

On 20th January we went to Alston Hall Observatory and stayed at Hothersall Lodge.  During our time there we had the chance to look into space to observe Jupiter and many different galaxies, using a £330,000 telescope.  During a talk at the observatory, we were lucky enough to see the planetarium where different constellations of stars were shown to us and the reasoning behind them explained.

The next day, we performed our presentations which we had been preparing weeks in advance.  Every presentation was outstanding and we all learned something new. Our presentation was about the moon, its history and landings made.

After our presentations, we listened to another talk where we learned about the sun and, more specifically, sun spots. The thing I found most interesting was that the sun does not rotate as a whole unit: the poles move at a different time to the rest of the sun.

Finally, we all participated in an amazing quiz that our Sixth Form students had created for us all about the solar system.

Overall, the trip was extremely successful and was very interesting for everyone involved.  I feel everyone came away knowing something they did not know before.


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