Holocaust Memorial Day

As part of the Holocaust Educational Trust’s partnership with CRGS, two students are chosen annually to represent the school as Holocaust Ambassadors. As part of this ongoing project, we have had the privilege to engage in three sessions of live seminars, learning about the events of the Holocaust and subsequent mass genocides including those in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

Having the opportunity to listen to the live testimony of Holocaust survivor Manfred Goldberg was certainly the highlight of the time we have spent with the trust. His personal story account offered a completely different perspective as to how we view the Holocaust.

When hearing figures such as the deaths of six million Jews, it is easy to forget that each individual has their own unique experiences – and whilst so many have been lost, that makes it all the more important to listen to those we still possess.

We would strongly and sincerely recommend you grasp this opportunity should it present itself to you. It has been an eye-opening experience which has allowed us to broaden our own knowledge, gain new skills and work actively as part of a team with students from schools across the nation.

As part of Holocaust Memorial Day (27th January), we encourage you to take a moment to remember those who have suffered – it is in forgetting the actions of the oppressor that we let everything endured by so many innocent people become meaningless.

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Isabella Bleazard & Charlotte Hempsall CRGS Holocaust Ambassadors 2021-2022

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