Heart Hospital Day

On 14th October I took part in the NHS Heart Hospital day. Designed for Year 10 students, it was a great experience and was really enjoyable! During the virtual session we were able to learn about the many different job roles involved in heart care, from the numerous doctors and nurses to heart specialists. We were told about how the heart works normally and with different conditions; what heart disease really is; the symptoms of a heart attack and how we can reduce the risk of heart disease or heart attacks. We were also told about the importance of CPR, and just how much it can improveĀ a patient’s outcome and chance of survival. Towards the end of the session we learnt all about stents, artificial pacemakers, tissue and mechanical valves and mitral surgery. The session really helped to further develop our understanding as to how these treatments and surgeries are performed effectively.

I would like to thank the NHS and of course Miss Telford for organising and running this event.

Jasmine Tierney
Year 10

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