Cards for Kindness

Loneliness is a growing problem amongst older people. Figures from Age UK show that 200,000 older people have not had a conversation with friends or family for a month and 60 percent of people in care homes get no visitors. An initiative to reduce loneliness amongst older people this festive season was launched in Lancashire and Clitheroe Royal Grammar School ran a house competition to support this very important and worthy cause.

Students were asked to design and write a Christmas card and the cards were judged on both creativity and words of kindness. There was an overwhelming response and students put in so much effort both with the presentation of their cards and kind and thoughtful messages written in them. On Tuesday 18th December, winners of the competition visited High Brake House care home in Clitheroe and distributed the card entries.

The residents were delighted with their cards and they were very gratefully received. It was lovely for our students to see the difference their card made to a local elderly person at Christmas time. An enjoyable experience for all involved!

To learn more about the Cards for Kindness Scheme please click here.


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