Maths Team Challenge

On Monday 18th  June, four Main School students entered the National Final of the Maths Team Challenge held in London.  The team consisted of two Year 9 students, Lucas Hughes and Ariyan Balachandran and two Year 8 students, Daniel Cowen and Rona Bhattacharya.

The Challenge consisted of 5 rounds: a group circus where teams work together to solve a variety of logic puzzles; a cross number (a mathematical crossword) where teams are split into pairs and each pair works on either the across or the down clues (made more difficult by some answers relying on the other pair’s answers); a shuttle, where students work in pairs and ‘shuttle’ answers between their pairs until they get a final answer; a relay, again working in pairs where teams must answer a series of 30 questions, this time competing against both the other teams and the clock; and, finally, a poster competition, for which teams had been provided with a topic to research prior to the competition. On the day they were given a series of questions on the topic which they were required to answer and display as a poster.

Over 1700 schools took part in the regional finals held in March, competing for a place in the National Final. Our team came 60th out of the 88 teams attending the Final and were placed in the top 10 for their poster.  It is a great achievement to once again have our school in the National Final of this academic competition and we are very proud of our students.

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