Year 11 Study Day

On 8th November, Year 11 students took part in a study day to provide them with techniques and motivation for their mock exams and GCSEs. Students were split into two groups, one attending a workshop with Successful Lives, and the other taking part in three workshops with Mr Hutchinson, current Year 12 students and the Librarian, Mrs Smith.

Successful Lives focused on setting a target for our study and our lives and the methods on how to reach them and not give up. The Year 11s enjoyed taking part in the blind ball throwing exercise as it was ‘hands on’ and an interactive game.

Mr Hutchinson’s presentation on motivation was enjoyed by many students as we were given Maltesers and were able to watched Shia LaBeouf! We also went through priorities in revision and ways that we could keep motivated and not be distracted.

The Year 12 ‘speed dating’ was very helpful because it gave us an insight into how to access the highest grades at GCSE and then the study of A levels at the Sixth Form. The Year 12 students had also recently taken their GCSE exams and so they had some helpful advice on revision techniques and how to remain calm and be prepared during the examination period.

Mrs Smith’s presentation on revision techniques was helpful and the smaller group sizes allowed us to ask her questions about different methods of revision. We also received revision timetables in order to help us spread out our time across all subjects equally, as well as still being able to take part in activities and hobbies.

Overall, we think that the day was very successful because we learned a lot about how to deal with the demands of the examination period and how to get the best results possible.

Amelia Hope and Hannah Pickup (Year 11)


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