Year 11 Problem-Solving Day

On Thursday, 13th October our Year 11 students took part in a morning marathon of Maths Problem-Solving.

Round 1 The Group Round

Teams of 4 were given 45 minutes to answer 10 questions. Each team had to decide upon the best strategy to use; whether to work in pairs, individually or as a group.

The winning team was Brooke Milligan, James Lightbown, Kara Rhodes-Gilrane and Daniel Kellington.

Round 2 The Cross Number

Each team was split into pairs. One pair had the across clues and the other pair had the down clues. The two pairs were only allowed to use their answer sheet to communicate.

The winning team was Caleb Brown, Madeleine Dummer, Jude Geoghegan and Anna Greensmith.

Round 3 The Relay

Two teams were working together. One team had the A questions and one team had the B questions. Team A started then ran to Team B with their question. Each team had 15 questions to attempt.

The winning teams were Nathan Bond, Jasmine Bruce-Rogers, Talha Faisal, Amy Green, Zenab Ara, Mary White, Aidan Wood and Bilal Yusuf.

The overall winners of the day were Team 13; Jack Carysforth, Sanne Keijzer, Alec Littlefair and Arvind Sivashankar.

Well done to all of Year 11 for a fantastic morning of Maths and to Mrs Burrill for organising it all.

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