Ethics, Philosophy and Religious Studies Conference 2016

Our annual Year 12 EPR Conference took place at the CRGS Sixth Form on Thursday 23rd June 2016.  Year 12 students had the option of either attending a fascinating workshop focussed on the Holocaust, led by Mr David Arnold MBE, including the very moving experience of meeting a Holocaust survivor (Mr Chaim Ferster MBE), or they had the option to choose 3 workshops from a choice of 14 sessions.

The workshops included:

An Introduction to Western Buddhism and Meditation
Christian Ethics and Cultural Diversity
Radicalisation: is this Preventable?
Conflict: is Religion the Cause or the Solution?
The Asylum and Refugee Community Project
Compassion in World Farming
Grand Designs: what is behind it Physically and Spiritually?
Human Slavery
Ethics in Medicine
Human Rights – Amnesty International
Ethical Aspects of Organ Transplants
Actions have Consequences – the Shocking Story of a Night Out in Blackburn
Does Christianity have any Relevance in the 21st Century
Clear Sight or Blind Faith? – the Importance of Thinking for Yourself

Following the workshops, there was a plenary session for all students where they were able to ask questions of our panel.  The general theme of this session revolved around the question: What is the place of religion in society?

The panel comprised some of our workshop speakers.  Our photograph shows the plenary debate in full flow as our experts answered the very thought-provoking questions, put to them by our students.

We are extremely grateful to all of our guest speakers for generously giving up their time to contribute to what was an absorbing day.

Mr Priory was delighted with the attitude of the students towards the day. They listened with sensitivity to the different speakers and readily engaged in discussion, asking some mature and pertinent questions.  The challenge now is to plan an EPR event for 2017 that is at least as engaging for our students.

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