New Year 12

Welcome to Clitheroe Royal Grammar School Sixth Form. This section is aimed at students who are joining us in September but will also give prospective students an insight into life in our Sixth Form.

Every year we welcome students from over forty secondary schools. Joining our Sixth Form is a fresh start for everyone and an exciting opportunity to make new friends and broaden your horizons. Our students are the very best ambassadors for our Sixth Form and are best placed to give you a real insight into studying A Levels at CRGS. You will have the opportunity to talk with them informally at our Open Evening (November), Options Evenings (during January – March, by invitation after application) and at one of our Student Preview Events (in late June and early July, by invitation, after you have received a conditional offer of a place). The Student Preview Events last half a day and this summer they will take place in the mornings and afternoons on Friday 29th June and Thursday 5th July 2018. You will be given the option to select whichever date and time is most convenient for you.

Our Year 13 Peer Mentors will be on hand to help you make a smooth transition to Year 12 and answer any questions you might have, especially in the first few days and weeks. In the meantime, we hope you find the following information useful. If you don’t find the answers to your questions, please get in touch by calling 01200 423118 or email

Enrol on GCSE Results Day

How do I enrol for Sixth Form on GCSE Results Day?

On Thursday 23rd August 2018, please bring your GCSE results to the Sixth Form (York Street site) between 10.00am and 12.30pm. You will meet a member of staff who will confirm the A Level subjects you wish to study and that you have met the entry requirements. Remember to bring your GCSE Statement of Results (‘Results Slip’) with you.

If for any reason you are not able to travel to the Sixth Form to bring your results, then you should telephone 01200 423118 to enrol between 10.00am and 12.30pm. If the lines are engaged, please keep trying.

If you already know that you will be unable to come to the Sixth Form or call us on GCSE Results Day morning, you should let us know before Thursday 19th July so that alternative arrangements can be made for you to enrol at Sixth Form. Please contact the Sixth Form Secretaries on 01200 423118 or email

Remember: it is essential that you tell us your GCSE Results before 12.30pm on Results Day (Thursday 23rd August 2018) otherwise we may no be able to allocate you a place at the Sixth Form.

A copy of these joining instructions will be sent by post in mid July to all applicants who have a conditional offer to join the Sixth Form in September.

I want to change my A Level subject choices. What should I do?

After receiving your results, you may wish to change your A Level subject choices. It is only possible to request this change on GCSE Results Day, not before. In the vast majority of cases we are able to accommodate these changes. However, in the unlikely event that your requested subject change is not possible, we will ring you before 12.30pm on Friday 24th August to discuss alternative subjects with you.

What to do before you start Sixth Form

Complete the Transition Packs for your chosen subjects

We ask all new Year 12 students to have a look at the Transition Packs for their chosen subjects.

The packs contain short tasks to support your transition from GCSE to A Level study. We strongly recommend that you download them to your computer, so that you can refer to them easily. Some of the materials, such as the course specifications, will be useful throughout your A Level studies.

Don’t worry if you find some of the work challenging. A Level work is more advanced than GCSE work after all. Your Senior Tutor and teachers will support you through this transition.

The transition packs are listed below, by subject. Links to the packs will be available here from early July so that you can access them over summer before you join the Sixth Form.

Buy your school uniform

After GCSE Results Day, when you know your place at Sixth Form has been confirmed, you should buy your uniform from the school suppliers. The suppliers are listed in a separate section (below) with the uniform regulations.

School uniform will be on sale on GCSE Results Day in The Quad at the Sixth Form (York Street site). Payment can be made by cash, cheque or debit/credit card.

Please ensure that your name is sewn or written inside your uniform and on any other belongings that you bring to the Sixth Form.

Consider applying for student cards

We do not issue ID cards to our students, but we do encourage you to apply for an NUS Extra card The card costs £12 for 12 months, but can pay for itself very quickly. For example, it provides discounts on Railcards and high street shops. If you apply for your NUS Extra card after Results Day, you can collect it from Sixth Form Reception once you have started and you can make full use of your discount straightaway!

Explore your options for travelling to the Sixth Form

You are strongly advised to check your transport arrangements before deciding to come to the Sixth Form. The summer break is an ideal time to research your options and try making the journey.

Further information is provided in ‘Getting to Clitheroe’ (below).


What will happen on my first day?

When you arrive at the Sixth Form on your first day, we will show you to your form room where you will meet your Form Tutor and Senior Tutor.  You will be given your timetable and a tour of the school.  You will also spend time with your form group getting to know other students.

Please remember to bring paper, files and writing materials as you will begin lessons in the afternoon. You must also bring your GCSE Statement of Results (‘Results Slip’) on your first day.

Lockers are available but we do ask you to bring a deposit of £10 for the locker key.  Please bring this on Friday 8th September if you want a locker.

How will I be helped to settle into the Sixth Form?

You will take part in an Induction Programme, including tours and talks on various aspects of Sixth Form life, as well as visiting our Freshers’ Fair which showcases a wide range of extra-curricular activities.  Year 13 students have been trained as Peer Mentors and are allocated to each form to help answer any questions. Subject teachers treat the first three weeks of term as an introductory period.  It is hoped that any students who feel that they have made the wrong choice of subject and wish to make a change will do so within this initial period.  Your Senior Tutor will be able to help you with this.

Student Support

Who will support me and monitor my progress?

You will be allocated to a form of approximately 25 students. Your Form Tutor will remain with your form throughout your time in the Sixth Form. Form Tutors work in partnership with one of our team of Senior Tutors to ensure that you enjoy your time at the Sixth Form, maximise your potential and are prepared for the challenges of the wider world. We also have a Student Support Manager assigned to each year group.

In addition, some students will be identified to take part in our Mentoring Programme. Students are identified for mentoring on the basis of attainment compared with target grades, attitude to learning, attendance and nomination by Form or Senior Tutor.

We also have a Counsellor who works with students on a range of issues. Students can email directly for an appointment or ask for a referral via their Senior Tutor.

The School Day

What are the times of registration, lessons and breaks?

Students are expected to attend registration at 8.50am each morning.  You will be allowed to go home after your final lesson / Directed Study Period of the day.  You are also free to leave the site at other times.

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday there are five lessons, which finish at 3.45pm.  On Wednesday there are four lessons, which finish at 2.30pm.  Each lesson lasts for one hour and there are three lessons in a morning. There is a 15-minute break between lessons in the morning and afternoon and we have a one hour break at lunchtime from 12.30pm – 1.30pm.

What are the arrangements for lunchtime?

Lunchtime is from 12.30pm – 1.30pm. Several clubs and societies meet during lunchtimes, as well as student support sessions run by many departments.  You can buy lunch in our Canteen.  A wide variety of good quality, reasonably priced food is available at both morning breaks as well as at lunchtime.  Alternatively, you can bring your own lunch from home.  Many students also go to local shops in Clitheroe for lunch. Talk to current Year 13 students when you arrive in September for their recommendations!

Studying at CRGS

How are A Levels different from GCSEs?

At A Level you will study your subjects to a greater depth.  You will study fewer subjects, but each one will be studied in more detail and with more independent learning.  Another difference is that you will not have a lesson during every period of the timetable.  In Year 12 you will have four lessons per subject and in Year 13 you will have five lessons per subject. This is so that you can study independently to consolidate your learning and prepare for your next lessons.  A general guideline is that, for each subject, you should be studying approximately the same number of hours outside lessons as you spend in lessons. So, for example, 4 hours of lessons in a subject should be matched by 4 hours of independent study. This work outside lessons is made up of specific tasks set by your teacher (for example, practice questions or essays, guided note-making) and study completed on your own initiative (such as reviewing notes, extra reading, creating revision notes).

What are Directed Study Periods (DSPs)?

You will be allocated two Directed Study Periods (DSPs) on your timetable when you are expected to sign in and work independently in the Library or Quad.  This is intended to support you in developing good study habits and become an increasingly independent learner.

How can I keep organised?

You will be given a Student Planner at the start of term. It is vital that you organise and manage your time effectively so that you know what needs to be done and when it has to be handed in.  As part of your Guidance Programme, we will discuss different strategies to help you organise and manage your time.  We also offer small group Study Support sessions in our Library.

Where can I study in school?

There are several areas in the Sixth Form where you may undertake independent study during your Study Period.  These include the Library, Quad and dedicated computer suites.

What computer facilities are provided?

We have several computer suites in school as well as networked PCs in the Quad. We also have a selection of laptops and iPads available for use in the Library. These can be booked in advance. We also encourage you to bring your own device (smartphone, laptop or tablet) to use in both lessons and for independent study.

Can I access Wi-Fi at the Sixth Form?

The whole of our Sixth Form site has Wi-Fi coverage. Students can use this at any time.

What happens if I find the work difficult?

We know that it is not always easy to make the transition to A Level study.  Our staff will help you reach your full potential by providing high quality tuition, feedback on your progress, extra-curricular opportunities and guidance. The help you get from subject teachers extends beyond your lessons.  Many subjects run lunchtime support sessions for you to attend.  Timetables for these sessions are displayed around the classrooms for each subject in September and your subject teachers will make you aware of them.  We strongly recommend that, if you are struggling with a concept or piece of work, then you should take steps to ask for help and clarification from your teacher straightaway.

Getting to Clitheroe

How do I get to Clitheroe?

You are strongly advised to check your transport arrangements before deciding to come to the Sixth Form. View your travel options on the Transport page of our Parents section.

Travelling by car: There is limited free parking in nearby locations and we ask that students show consideration towards local residents at all times. The car park at the York Street Sixth Form site is not available for students to park.


What happens if I am unable to attend the Sixth Form?

Excellent attendance is important if you are to achieve your potential. If you are ill, a parent / carer should contact the Sixth Form by email or by telephone (01200 423118) by 10.00a.m.

School should be informed of any planned absences before they happen. This includes attendance at University Open Days. A green ‘Request for Authorised Absence’ form is available at Reception for this purpose.

Permission to take holidays during term time is only granted in exceptional circumstances. A letter must be sent well in advance detailing the request to

What happens if I feel unwell during the day?

If you feel unwell during the school day, you should report to Reception and we will contact a parent / carer wherever possible. First Aid can also can also be requested at Reception. Students should never go home due to illness without signing out at Reception.

Uniform and Code of Conduct

What are the uniform regulations?

Students should remember that whenever they are wearing our uniform they are representing the school. View the current Uniform Code.

It is easier to return lost property if your uniform and other belongings are named.

Where can I buy uniform?

You can buy your uniform from the following suppliers:

  1. Gray’s Schoolwear
    (Clitheroe Branch) 31 Castle Street, Clitheroe BB7 2BT Tel: 01200 429078; (Blackburn Branch) 68 Northgate, Blackburn BB2 1AA Tel: 01254 51425
  2. Ribble Valley Supplies:
    To the rear of Natwest Bank, Bank House, Harris Court, Wellgate, Clitheroe BB7 2DP Tel: 01200 443733

School uniform will be on sale on GCSE Results Day in The Quad at the Sixth Form (York Street site). Payment can be made by cash, cheque or debit/credit card.

Code of Conduct & Learning Agreement

You will sign a Code of Conduct and Learning Agreement when you join the Sixth Form.  These documents outline student expectations and responsibilities as well as what you can expect from the Sixth Form in return.