Clitheroe Royal Grammar School believes that every young person matters and our students are seen as individuals with differing interests, knowledge, skills and needs. The school seeks to ensure that all students’ needs are met and that every student is valued equally and encouraged to develop their potential to the full. All students have access to quality first teaching, differentiated for individual students. Assessment is both formative and summative and allows the tracking of students’ achievements. The progress of all students is monitored closely. Every teacher is a teacher of all students under their direction, whether they have SEND or not.

CRGS is a selective grammar school that admits students based on academic ability. Entry into years 7-11 is based upon students reaching the required standard in our entrance examination. Students with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) who meet the required standard are given priority for entrance at year 7. A similar practice operates for entry to CRGS Sixth Form. We welcome students with disabilities who meet the required academic standard for entry to CRGS and make reasonable adjustments to our environment to accommodate them.

Typically, CRGS has a small number of students with SEND and so does not have an explicit SEND department. Currently, 5% students are classified as having some form of identified Special Educational Need and less than 0.2% have an EHCP. All students on the recent SEND Support Register tend to be well adjusted to their individual needs and manage with minimal support. Generally, all students with SEND at CRGS make good or better than expected academic progress.

Special and specific needs are seen as whole-school issues and hence are the responsibility of everyone. All staff will seek to work in partnership with each student, their parents / carers and relevant outside agencies.

Students with SEND will usually be taught in mainstream teaching groups but the school will remain flexible in its response to SEND, recognising that each student is an individual and that difficulties can range from slight to severe and from temporary to permanent.

Please see the following links for documents outlining the support and interventions available for students with SEND at Main School and at the Sixth Form.

Please see below for our SEND policies and offers: