Equality Objectives

Our Equalities and Inclusion Policy outlines the commitment of the staff, students and governors of Clitheroe Royal Grammar School to ensure that equality of opportunity is available to all members of the school community. For our school, this means not simply treating everybody the same but understanding and tackling the different barriers which could lead to unequal outcomes for different groups of students in school, whilst celebrating and valuing the achievements and strengths of all members of the school community.

We believe that equality at our school should permeate all aspects of school life and is the responsibility of every member of the school and wider community. Every member of the school community should feel safe, secure, valued and of equal worth.

Clitheroe Royal Grammar School is a diverse school, working towards greater equality in the whole school community. We use the curriculum and teaching to enhance the self-esteem of all those it serves and to provide a learning environment in which each individual is encouraged to fulfil her or his potential.

We make regular assessments of students’ learning and use this information to track students’ progress as they move through the school. As part of this process, we regularly monitor the performance of different groups to ensure that all groups of students are making the best possible progress. We will use this information to adjust future teaching and learning plans as necessary. Groupings will include ethnicity, disability, gender, special educational needs and free school meals entitlement (FSM).

School performance information is compared to national data and local authority data to ensure that students are making appropriate progress when compared to all schools and to schools in similar circumstances.

As well as monitoring student performance information, we also regularly monitor a range of other information. This relates to:

  • Admissions
  • Attendance
  • Behaviour, discipline and exclusions
  • Racism, disablism, sexism, homophobia and all forms of bullying
  • Parental involvement
  • Curriculum Access and Option Choices
  • Participation in Extended Learning Opportunities
  • Staff recruitment and retention

Clitheroe Royal grammar School is committed to providing a working environment free from discrimination, bullying, harassment and victimisation. We aim to recruit an appropriately qualified workforce and establish a governing body that is representative of all sections of the community in order to respect and respond to the diverse needs of our population.

Due regard is given to the promotion of equality in the School Improvement Plan. A member of the Senior Leadership Team is responsible for monitoring and evaluation of this policy.

Our Equality Objectives in our School Improvement Plan are:

  • To provide an environment that welcomes, protects and respects diversity
  • To ensure that all students are given the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the life of the school
  • To address cultural events through assemblies to increase student awareness and understanding of issues in different communities
  • To monitor and evaluate the attainment and progress of all students in all year groups with specific reference to significant groups
  • To implement the bursary at all key stages and monitor and evaluate student progress
  • To ensure all staff vacancies are filled using the principles of equal opportunities and safer recruitment.