Sixth Form Open Evening: A Student’s View

As we approach the Christmas break, a student in Year 12 reflects on their experience of Sixth Form Open Evening and subsequent decision to join the Sixth Form.

“This time last year, I attended Sixth Form Open Evening and came to look around. I was the only person from my high school considering Clitheroe Royal Grammar School as an option for my further education; I was very nervous, and didn’t quite know what to expect. Now I’m here in Year 12 and volunteering to help at this year’s Open Evening. I was given the task of showing some Year 11 students, from my high school, around the Sixth Form. I felt proud to share my passion for the Sixth Form with my younger peers. I am glad I came to the Open Evening. It gave me a clear insight to Sixth Form life and provided lots of essential information to help me make the right choice. All the teachers were welcoming and very enthusiastic in each of their subject areas. I would strongly recommend exploring the Science facilities; there were lots of fascinating, mind-boggling experiments, especially for Physics. My first term has been amazing. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it! Everyone is really accepting of one another and very friendly. I met lots of people with similar interests to me, which gave me lots of motivation to succeed in the future as I’m in an environment where we share similar ideas and understand one another. I would strongly recommend the Sixth Form, it’s a great option.”

If you are thinking of applying to the Sixth Form, but missed the Open Evening in November, please call us on 01200 423118 or email We are always happy to arrange individual visits to the Sixth Form for students and their parents or carers.

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