Art Trip to Tate Liverpool

On Thursday 23rd November, Year 11 and Year 13 Art students travelled to Liverpool to visit the Tate Gallery. This was a wonderful opportunity for students to view a wide range of world class art and collect information to support them in the further development of their own artwork. The morning was spent exploring the gallery spaces and the special exhibitions and then, after a break for lunch, students returned to the artwork that had most inspired them on first viewing to take part in in-depth drawn studies and note-taking.

On show were special exhibitions of the Pop Art of Roy Lichtenstein and the semi-abstract collages of John Piper. The general collection ranged from the Cubist work of Pablo Picasso to the mobiles of Alexander Calder and there was a challenging and thought-provoking range of video art which has already prompted a number of students to start developing their own video art.

Students really benefited from seeing artwork up close and agreed that it was completely different to viewing work on a computer screen or in a book. Some commented that they could actually see the brush strokes and in some cases even see hairs from the artist’s brush in the paint.

As the deadlines approach for coursework completion, the information gathered is certainly going to help students add even greater depth to their work through the exploration of the techniques, processes and concepts of the artists studied. It was a thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable day.

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