CRGS MedDenVet Conference – 5th July 2017

On Wednesday 5th July 2017, prospective Medical, Dental and Veterinary Medicine students attended a morning of talks about the UCAS application and the UKCAT and BMAT tests delivered by Dr Clarke, Senior Tutor, who oversees Medical, Dental and Veterinary applications.

In the first session, Dr Clarke gave us guidance and support on how to begin our UCAS application. This included the entry requirements for the three courses and how best to select a university. He also discussed how to get the most out of our volunteering by reflecting on our experiences.

The second and third sessions involved details on the two admissions tests, the UKCAT and the BMAT. Dr Clarke discussed each section in these admissions tests, the timings involved and how each test is scored. In addition, we were shown the preparation resources available on the official websites.

Overall, we found the morning very useful and informative. One student said: ‘The MedDenVet Conference was a really invaluable morning in helping us make the most out of our medical school application and helping us prepare for the UKCAT and BMAT …’

To conclude, a good morning was had by all. On behalf of everyone that attended I would like to thank Dr Clarke for organising this fantastic morning and sharing his wealth of knowledge with us all.


Daisie Edgerley
Deputy Head Girl

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