University of Dundee Visit

In April, Year 11 student, Tom Neaven, spent one week at the University of Dundee’s TORT Centre experiencing what the Institute of Motion Analysis and Research, the School of Medicine and the University have to offer students still at school. Here is Tom’s account of his work experience …

“I discovered there was the opportunity of a five-day work experience placement at the University of Dundee. The purpose of the week was to gain some idea of the possible career pathways around Human Biology and Sports Science, areas that I am particularly keen on.

I had an excellent week, looking around several departments in the nursing school, such as clinical and surgical skills. The highlight of my week was spent in the motion and gait analysis labs. This included observing, helping and participating in research undertaken by post graduate students. Overall, it was a very rewarding and enlightening experience for me.

I found the staff at the university, hospital and surgery very welcoming. They went out of their way to be helpful and I owe them a great deal of gratitude.”

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